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The Bookstack of Inspiration

In My Bookstack Sharing the books that spark my creative mind

Every month or so I collect a pile of books from our ever increasing book collection and place them on a shelf dedicated to my current books. I call this shelf my book- stack as I used to do this by placing my books in various piles around my home. The shelf for the book-stack neatens up and pares down the older system as stacks would grow like mushrooms! I have taken to sitting and writing small commentaries on each book after a while and then changing the books for fresh grist for the mill. Occasionally I will chose five books from my personal collection to share with my readers.

1. “The Name of the Wind” by Patrick Rothfuss. I do not read many novels at this time in my life, but this one is in it’s second reading. I enjoy the world and mythos created in Rothfuss’s story. Among the usual attractions of magic and good over evil there is a lovely thread involving music, a sure way to attract this reader.

2. “The Discoverers” A History of Man’s Search to Know His World and Himself by Daniel J. Boorstin. Every section you read in one of Boorstin’s books is likely to shift your current paradigm. I just finished a section on the development to time keeping from watching the sun to wrist watches and have learned so much. It is astonishing how historically young the way we measure time actually is.

3. “The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook” by Karen Harrison. A great guide to the workings of herbal magic incorporated with the principles of Alchemy, or rather covering the area where the two collide. If you are interested in such subjects, I highly recommend having this lovely resource on your bookshelf.

4. “Magical Housekeeping” by Tess Whitehurst. I love Tess’s work. This book is full of practical and useful tips for making ones home space more magical. Her Feng Shui tips are spot on and work. I have been revisiting this book and enjoying the ideas it sparks as far as making my home more magical.

5. “The Essential Guide to Psychic Powers” by Sarah Bartlett. A book that breaks down all that is related to working with your sixth sense. The approach is concise and without sentiment or judgment. Basically it says, this is the power and what it is and how to develop it. I just finished a section on Aura reading.

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