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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Wasn't 2018 a hoot? Mine was full of change on all levels. Why, getting married and moving is enough for anyone!

Now we have a fresh and shiny new year full of possibility. I love the whole "fresh start" thing. There are so many opportunities for beginning anew. Why, there was a moment right there, that just passed. My new? Picking up the reins here at my website and actually use it. There will be changes here at Bell Heather and Raven as I follow my dreams.

I have discovered a key frustration in my life. Attempting to create something in my life that is already there! How crazy is that? I am now embracing what I have, not looking to what I don't have.

We all have the knowledge of the Universe at our fingertips, yet still choose to wander around in the dark. Silly, isn't it.

Example: I was thinking I needed a camera to practice photography. So Silly! I have cameras, I am awash with cameras. i have one on my phone, my iPad, my computer, and get this, a Canon digital camera I was not using because I had lost the charger. Is this not four cameras? Am I actually using them? Now I am. I found a way to charge that battery and I have seriously started explore all of my devices capabilities. Talk about stepping out of the dark and into the light!

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