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New Beginnings

Hello Readers,

It is a new season here at Bell Heather and Raven. I took the summer and got married! But now at the end of August the school year starts again. I have been connecting and reconnecting with students. I cannot wait till the days of brisk walks with a scarf and a cup of coffee over to Willamette University's lovely campus to teach eager minds the harp, music, and perhaps even something about life well lived.

My most exciting musical project is preparing for Lyon and Healy harp's "Harptacular" weekend in Portland, Oregon. I am excited to perform and take in all that is being offered. I am so happy that Lyon and Healy is creating these fun mini conferences.

I plan on spending more time here at my blog and website and am excited to use this platform to launch some serious dreams.

So, stay tuned, Sweet Dreamers.

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