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What’s in your gig bag? A list of things to have in The ultimate gig bag.

It has finally happened. I am playing in person concerts again and I have a satisfying stream of rehearsals and concerts from next week until Christmas! Yay! As I am gearing up to spend my time driving up and down the freeway to this gigs, I have been working on the preplanning side of things such as What do I need in my gig bag? It has not been used much as of late so I really need to go through it and make sure I have what I need. So I made a list and I have decided to share it with you.

First of all, start with a nice big roomy bad with carry handles and a shoulder strap. I like mine to have lots of zippered compartments and pockets. Then consider equipping it with the following:

  • music (a no brainer but disaster if you forget)

  • Complete set of replacement strings

  • Tuning keys. I also tuck one in my purse.

  • Tuner ( I use a tuner app on my cell phone)

  • Cell phone

  • back up batteries

  • phone charger cord

  • several sharp pencils

  • manuscript paper

  • felt picks for glissandos

  • wire cutters

  • flat head screwdriver

  • business cards

  • face masks (the new essential)

  • hand warmers

  • manicure kit

  • mending kit

  • first aid kit

  • arnica gel (nice for after rehearsal rub down for achy hands)

  • pain killers (like Tylenol or Advil)

  • cough drops

  • energy bars

  • water bottle

  • Safety pins

  • Tide pen

  • book (to fill time when waiting)

  • notepad

  • paper clips

  • spare hosiery and possibly a pair of spare underwear (and hope you never need to use them)

  • and of course Orchestra Flask *totally optional. ( I mean this with a wink. Sometimes my sense of humor gets me into trouble.

And there you go, this list should leave you well equipped for whatever a gig can throw at you.

What do you think? What else would you have in your bag?

Happy Harping!


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