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The voyage of 1000.

A couple days ago I started to fold myself 1000 origami cranes. The old Japanese legend is that if you fold 1000 cranes you will be granted a wish by the gods. I have started this project more than once in my life time and then lost track of it as life happens. Isn’t that just how it is? We take up a life project and are really excited and then life takes over and the next thing you know all of your cranes are forgotten in a corner somewhere. I was sorting through the mess that is my collection of paper stuff and came across a quantity of origami paper which inspired me to follow my dream of actually folding the cranes! Here are my

first three. A forth has been folded since. I will update my crane folding progress here on my blog.

In other creative news is, there is not a great deal of creative news. It has not been an extremely productive week. I continue to practice for my upcoming recital on the first of the year. (Practice clip of the first section of Christopher Wicks’ Golden Harp Variations)

I have also come down with a second case of Dives and Lazarus by Vaughn Williams. It will be the second time I perform this lovely string and harp piece this fall season. It has been surprising to get any work at all due to Covid. I am quite grateful to Vaughn Williams for writing this pieces even though it vaguely sounds like a disease.

The “great slipper project” of 2020 continues. It seems everyone wants a pair for Christmas! I finished this fun multicolor pair this week and I realized that I really needed to sort my knitting project basket! I have sorted it since the picture and I am really lucky that I did not have a huge snarl of yarn in there.

Another treasure was found when I was sorting through my papers. A print up of magical correspondences for the days of the week. I am now working on transcribing them into my Grimoire. I honestly have lost track of the source.

I did bake muffins this week. I did not take a picture though the only evidence of them I have now is this picture of my prep. They were hearty carrot muffins from Taste of Home.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Cheers and Hugs,



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