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Seeing the productive in the unproductive.

I have noticed that since I have dedicated myself to this blog, that even weeks when I think I have done nothing creative, or have felt down and unproductive, the opposite is actually true. When you stop and notice the little things you do, the more you are aware of all the little joys and victories you accomplish. In my life this week I am seeing this to be true. I took a bit of time off the harp around my birthday. Two days rest seemed like a lot to me, but my hands and mind sure did appreciate the time off. Right after I posted my last blog post, I was off to rehearse and then the next day, record a concert with the Willamette Valley Orchestra. A sweet group of lovely musicians that perform in Corvallis, Oregon. Each one of these COVID era gigs I do have been introducing me to a new set of circumstances and challenges. The piece was one I had played before, but the setting was different. I did not complain about the lighting but I need to acquire a stand light. It is ridiculous that I do not have one at the moment.

My Birthday was on Weds. the 18th. I have completed 48 trips around the sun. I like to take a birthday selfie each year.

I celebrated by birthday with my husband at home and enjoyed my favorite movie, pizza, and cake as well as a goodly quantity of champagne. My favorite movie is the 1968 The Pink Panther. I watch it more for the female support cast and the clothes then for the more famous names and reasons. My favorite role in the movie is of Madame Clouseau, played by French model and actress Capucine. I looked her up, realizing I knew very little about her, only knowing her from the one movie. I learned her name means Nasturtium, that she loved cats and that she committed suicide in 1990. The suicide really stunned me. She was such a lovely lady and talented! Depression does not discriminate between talent, money, race, or age. As someone who deals with depression myself, I feel quite lucky to have the support and understanding in my life that I have needed.

On a less introspective note, I discover that my lowly local Wal-Mart is carrying a version of my favorite little French treat, a Pain au chocolat. They are little croissant like thinks with just the right amount of chocolate. I fell for them when I was studying in Nice in 1995. I have rarely seen any for sale in the states until now. One of these, a cup of coffee, and I am happy.

I also gave myself a French manicure this week thanks to Sally Hanson and a little patience on my part. Did it turn out well? Not really. Has it held up? Yes! It has survived quite a few hours of harp practice, which is a lot to ask out of any manicure. I am trying to take better care of myself and that includes taking care of my hands and nails. I think, as a harpist, it Is important to stay in tune with the well being of my hands.

I have two knitting projects on needles right now. The scarf I am working on is gaining length and I have a length of ribbing forming on a sweater. It is fun to watch the fabric form under my hands from just interlocking a strand of yarn.

The crane folding project continues. I have now folded 11. Much more folding is ahead of me.

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