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Happy Halloween!

Happy Friday and day before Halloween. I have been really enjoying the spooky season cooking up treats in my kitchen! I made these yummy ghosts by melting white chocolate and dipping pretzels in it. I really need to practice my chocolate work. Keeping the candy at the right temperature was extremely tricky, but I did get a handful of cute ghosts. I also learned about candy eyeballs! What fun! I think I will be keeping a stash of candy eyeballs from now on. They gave these pretzels real personality. I believe I saw the idea on social media somewhere. Another social media inspired recipe is for these little biscuit dough pumpkins

They have a meatball inside! I took canned biscuits and put some sauce, cheese, and a meatball inside and wrapped the dough around. Then I tied them with twine. Here is what they looked like before baking.

I see a lot of potential for other biscuit wrapped treats. My husband is really into meat pies and biscuit dough seems to be a great shortcut idea.

I enjoy finding inspiration. To this end, I keep an Pinterest board on which I collect inspiration ideas for the month.

Here is the link to this October‘s board.

My inspirations for the month have run the gambit from Tasha Tudor‘s Cottage to Paris and French style. I had a yearning pass through me to be in Paris. You know, for a few months and just embrace the culture. In truth it is a dream that I could live if I just applied myself to it. First, learn French! I know a little but not enough to communicate at all. I like to find a was of bringing the vibe of a yearning to myself. Learning a language can help bring Paris to me.

If you do not know who Tasha Tudor was, check her out. She was an illustrator of childrens books and she lived to a ripe old age in a cottage called Corgi Cottage where she lived an old fashioned life. I learned about her years ago as a long time reader of Victoria magazine.

I am taking a day off of my hands. Even this is being written on a touch screen. That means no knitting today and no harp practice. I have to take a day off now and again as my hands and tendons get tired and inflamed. I really pushed it this week. Knitting has been a constant companion. I finished this delightful little Tea Toter, a little pouch to tote select tea bags in. I found the pattern for free online

It was a quick project that was also a great use of scrap yarn and a vintage button. I will definitely be making more of these!

I have practiced the harp a great deal this week. I have increased my practice time and my hands are feeling it. The love of the art continues to inspire me to work through the issues of aging and health and continue to make the most heartfelt music I can. I have this wonderful note left for me on my music by my harp professor, Dr. Carrol McLaughlin.

It says “Go for it- you have the fingers.” I have known a few students who do not like their music marked and I also know many people are moving from paper to digital music. I have a message for both groups. Those messy markings and their indelible presence on your score can be a delight in your future. Dr. Carrol passed away a few years ago, yet I still have her marking and energy all over my musical scores. They still bring me comfort, encouragement, and discipline.

Tomorrow is Halloween! We are not giving out candy this year as it is not a safe idea to even consider trick or treating. I did carve a nice big Jack O Lantern as Pumpkins are one of my favorite things! I tried to model this one on Bela Legosi from The White Zombie, which is a great movie! Better than Dracula. I also

did a punch out bat on the back.

Happy Halloween!


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