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Friday’s Roundup of Rampant Creativity

Hello readers,

I am loving the Autumn! It is my favorite season. Everything about the Fall speaks to me. Cooler weather, longer nights, warm colors, gentle rains and and spooky movies! I stretched My photography muscles and produced these two amazing photos from my own backyard.

I have been obsessed with knitting. It is a fairly new skill for me and I am enjoying finally being able to follow a pattern. My husband and I are both enjoying hand knit slippers. I was the receiver of a stash of yard and needles and I have made use of them! So much fun and I find it incredibly calming. I think many knit slippers are in my future.

My slippers

Hubby’s slippers

I have also cast on a scarf that is emerging all soft and plush and lovely. I will share when I have more progress.

Another exciting exploration in my week has been the fact that I dug my mother’s old Singer Featherweight sewing machine out of my parents‘ attic where it has been living too long for such a wonderful little machine. It has all types of vintage attachments with it. I have managed to date it via the serial number and it dates from 1954.

I purchased a maintenance kit from and I am so excited to get to dig in and tidy her up and get to using her to make myself my own clothes. I know I have access to more modern machines but the vintage vibe of these machines really get my juices going. I am naming her Angie, after my mother. The duel effort of learning how to use and care for an old machine plus making beautiful things reminds me of my love of the harp as well, because, is the harp not a beautiful machine?

The kit has arrived and it looks to be full of all kinds of goodies tied in bits of sweet rickrack. I cannot even remember the last time I even considered the existence of rickrack.

Weather has been rough on gardening. The dark smoky days of the forest fires out here in the Northwest really took a toll on my vegetables. The exception has been the pepper and chilies. I have been gathering chili pods to dry and trying to use the peppers. These are dark purple, almost black, bell peppers that are currently flourishing in the October sunlight.

Look at my silly thumb hanging out in that picture. Great photo work there Kimberly! Of course I spend daily time with my

love of music and the harp. I have been working on my solo program which I am calling “Prayer.” I like to give my programs names. It helps me to group all the pieces together into a total musical experience. The performance should take my listener on a journey and create a world they can slip into that is outside of daily existence. I hope to record this repertoire in some future date. Here is one of the pieces I am working on.

If you love old beautiful things, then you will love the music of Alphonse Hasselmans. I can just see the ladies and gents of Victorian times really enjoying these accessible and fun to play compositions. They remain charming to this day.

In a completely different direction, my husband and I have a joint musical project called Echo Register. It is acoustic harp based but the sound is manipulated with effects and loops. We have been releasing tracks on Soundcloud. Search Echo Register to hear our latest. Oh, I figured out how to add a link! Yay me!

I finally came out of a cooking funk and started cooking and baking again. Sometimes I just plain run out of enthusiasm for cooking but I have learned that back yard apples make pies just fine. I find apple pie to be incredibly motivating.

Wow, looking back on it, I can see I have done quite a bit this week! I wonder what I will be able to write about next week?

Have a wonderful, amazing, joyous week!


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Whitney D
Whitney D
31 juil. 2022

Very creativve post

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