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Good Morning Squash Blossom

It is a wonderful May morning here at Thistledown Cottage. The sun is shining and a sweet breeze is rustling the trees and bamboo. It is skimming over the tops of the of the plants making the upper branches dance. Occasionally, a wind gust makes its way down, past the tops of the trees, and caresses the garden inhabitants that live lower down, including myself, Squash Blossom. I asm looking forward to a gentle month of May after the intensity of April.

My May is promising to be a soft integration of all off the stunning ideas that hit me in April. It is time for me to clean up the odds and ends and to start tucking all of my creative ideas into their proper beds and give the what they need to grow.

As a human collective, it is time for one to get up and get out. Walk about your homes and gardens, towns and forests. Notice what has bloomed this month. The work of April has granted us, humanity, with a bountiful basket of things growing and changing. Spring touches everything, from the garage to the outlet store. Go out and see what is happening.

I have been observing a large shift in how things are in the worlds. There is new technology showing up everywhere, but there is also new ways of connecting with oneself and the Earth than ever before. There is no reason to fear change. Make adapting a practice. How will you ride the waves of the summer this year?

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