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Glisses, Rain, and Starbucks

It has been an exciting harp week!

First of all I have been running around the Willamette Valley teaching and playing with the Vancouver Symphony in Vancouver, WA. Just me, my harp, and my old jeep. The Symphony has been doing a pops concert, which means I play glissandos and count, but I have been having a lot of fun. We even got to participate in a school evacuation due to a fire alarm.

I enjoyed an early morning treat at the local Starbucks before the kid's concerts.

Here is our Maestro enjoying a little bit of the great Pacific Northwest spring weather

Symphony players making the most out of a fire alarm.

oh, and yes, I did evacuate my harp. It was only raining a little bit.

While sitting and waiting to play, I decided my harp needed this little lady bug sticker. A little spot of happiness to look at while counting.

Waiting to rehearse

It has been fun. The last concert will be this evening at Skyview High School.

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