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Returning to the Roost

I have been away from my Bell Heather and Raven roost for way to long! Things have been reorganizing in my life along with my getting engaged and moving in with my fiance. I now live just a stones throw away from the charming Willamette University where I teach harp.

The Harp String Patch test is advancing well. None of the Strings have broken since I put them on the harp in April 2017. Wow. All but one of the patch test strings have lasted almost a year! The only one I have removed is the Saverez Gut string, which got blue all over everything and then frayed.

Here is the breakdown on the other strings.

2nd Octave B, Vanderbilt Classic Gut: Still good.

2nd Octave A, Bow Brand Pedal Natural Gut. Still good

2nd Oct G, Saverez Alliance Fluorocarbon. Still good

2nd Octave F, Saverez Alliance Fluorocarbon. Still good. However the black seems to be wearing away or something. Lucky for me the wear is happening on the right side of the string, not on the left where I need to see the color.

3rd Octave E, Pirastro Nycor Concert Harp Nylon. This has turned out to be a lovely string. I like it a lot. Has shown virtually no wear.

3rd Octave D, Premier Pedal Gut. This string sounded great at first but has developed a funny buzz and is fraying. I will not by more Premier strings. Currently I am hoping that it breaks soon! Although, what I have to replace it with is another length of the Premier.

3rd Octave C, Bow Brand Burgandy Gut. Still Good

I have been working on restringing the rest of the harp. I have replaced the 1st octave entirely, plus one of the second octave. I now have a mix of Burgandy and Savarez Alliance in my first octave.

OOG, OF, 1st E are in Bowbrand Burgandy Gut

1st D, C, B, A, G and 2nd E are in Savarez Alliance

1st F is Burgandy

I am keeping notes on how they all wear and will continue to report their condition...

Now, I want to practice!

Have a great day!

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