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String Patch Update

It is another String Patch Test Update! Latest insights and critiques.

2nd Octave B, Vanderbilt gut. After hanging out and giving me next to no worries, this string is starting to act like it does not want to hold tune. There is also pitting at both points of contact with the mechanism.

2nd Octave A, Bow Brand Natural Gut. Holding tune well and sounds good. Nice Bow Brand string. Some pitting is showing at the top contact point of the mechanism.

2nd Octave G, Savarez Fluorocarbon. Still sounds great. the tuning and tone are holding nicely. there is pitting showing at the top contact point of the mechanism.

2nd Octave F, Savarez Fluorocarbon. I replaced the Savarez gut with another of the Fluorocarbon. When I replaced the string, I pulled the Fluorocarbon string up to tune, then let it out and then pulled it to stretch it more and re-tuned it up to pitch. This seems to have made the string hold tune more quickly, as these strings are super stretchy! Obviously I like the Fluorocarbon so far, to invest in more.

3rd Octave E, Pirastro Nycor. If you want and need nylon, these strings wear really nicely. There is no sign of wear or pitting. The pitch holds well and the tone, which was a bit too bright at first has mellowed.

3rd Octave D, Premier Gut. Excellent! Holding pitch well, no visible wear or pitting. Excellent string! Love it.

3rd Octave C, Bow Brand Burgundy. This string is the most pitch stable of all of the strings. Easy to tune and stays tuned. No wear or pitting shows.

At this point in this patch test I will suggest the following strings for the following things.

For excellence in Gut for solo recitals, and other soloist demands, I would invest in Premier, Second choice Bow Brand.

For the Aspiring student soloist and person doing competitions I would use Bow Brand so the ear learns industry standard sound.

If you are after a clear but warm touch and are into experimenting, like myself, then the Fluorocarbon strings are excellent.

If you are a gigging harpist doing lots of weddings or orchestral work, I would use the Bow Brand Burgundy. Also, know that if you need strings for less, these will do just fine.

The Harp String Patch Test Will Continue.... Stay Tuned. (Pun intended)

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