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Off with that String!

The first string of the Harp String Patch Test has bit the dust, kicked the bucket, been expelled from my life. Tattered and frayed, behold it's awfulness! I was so glad to get rid of it. Tone was dead and the fraying hurts the fingers. I had to order a replacement or go insane. I was hoping to tolerate it until it broke of its own accord, but I could not stand it any longer.

The string of much awfulness was the Savarez Gut Harp String. Yuck. Only use these string if you are in a pinch. Seriously, they will be okay for a concert or two, but within a month, you are going to have to replace them. Expensive!

I order Savarez Fluorocarbon for the replacement. I am seriously loving these strings. I am liking the idea of a non-animal alternative to the gut strings that sound this good. They are clear and warm. Nice. Not sure about going lower than the 3rd octave with them. I will have to experiment later.

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