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Website Construction

I eagerly await my new strings. I have to replace that one that is making me crazy!

Readers of my blog may have noticed that things are always shifting on my website, which is under construction. It is going to be organized as a platform for all of my passions.

The overall driving force is having a Music Centric Life, a life that revolves around musical pursuits.

Those of us that have been lucky enough to have a life revolve around music know that music can be more that a performance art or a way of making a living, it is also a personal and spiritual practice, its is a constant coming back to center and working with the places where our humanity meets the divine. What would it be like if more people pursued music because it enriches their life, but for no other reason?

My website: Bell Heather and Raven is an umbrella. Under it I have my online shop and self publishing of music.

The page Kimberly Houser, Harpist and Composer is my professional page. On it you can find how to contact me for lessons, performances, master classes, and music composition services.

Harp on that String is a page dedicated to tidbits of harp related happenings that I glean from the internet.

Squash Blossom's Life is my whimsical word of beauty and wisdom.

The Alabaster Jar is where I share my love of herbs and teas. There are also Alabaster Jar products that will be available in my store.

Finally we have Spiral Travelers. This is a page dedicated to those who are seeking. Life's Journey leads us around and about. Sometimes we lose our way. In Spiral Travelers, I will have a forum, where those interested can share, their own journeys.

So, stay tuned as the project develops!

Much Love to all!

Kimberly Houser

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