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Two months of Harp String Patch Test.

The Harp String Patch Test has been underway since April 7, 2017. How are the strings fairing?

None of the string have broken. So far so good for all of them! The Burgundy string holds tune amazingly well even though I find the tone a little dull, the strings themselves are workhorse strings.

The Premier is looking good, sounding good and is generally a happy string.

The Pirastro string is holding up really well and holding tune nicely. I do think it sounds a bit too nylon like for my concert harp. I would probably really like these on a folk harp though.

Saverez Gut. Yuck. I cannot wait for this string to die. I would replace it if I had a concert coming up. I am trying to leave it on until it breaks but I do not know how much longer I can stand it. It is all frayed and sounds dead most the time. Yuck. What am I going to replace it with?

Answer: A Saverez Fluorocarbon string. I am delighted with the tone of this string. It has taken a long time to settle into tune, very stretchy material but other than that it is lovely. IT has remained clear sounding where as the gut strings have already started to lose a bit of luster.

Bow Brand Natural Gut and Vanderbilt concert gut are both wearing well. The Bow Brand sounds slightly better I think, more golden. As this time less of the "golden" sound has worn off the Premier than the Bow Brand.

The Vanderbilt string is nice and reliable. It fits in nicely with the strings around it.

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