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Oh! Let us work on Chords!

I think that being versatile as a harpist is not only fun, but important, because it opens up more avenues of musical expression.

Being able to both read lead sheets and improvise has created some of the most enriching musical experiences of my life.

Here is a picture of me with my band The Odyssey Project as a concert in New Orleans. Playing music from the imagination in the moment rather than from a learned score has opened me up to being able to perform with diverse instruments in a number of styles and settings. Playing with others in this way is so much fun!

I am going to start offering up free jazz chord practice pages. The first one will be simple and focuses on C Major. There will be others offered as well as technique exercises. So, stay tuned!

Meanwhile, set your metronome and keep the beat while making these simple changes. Challenge yourself at different metronome markings. The band will not wait for you to change the chord, you have to be with the beat. Have fun!

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