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The Pedal Rod

If you play the harp like I do, then the need for changing a pedal rod happens. Face it, it happens. I have had to replace every single rod on my Lyon and Healy 23. It is an old harp and I like to play tricky music and Jazz. My rods were the old style that had exposed threads at the bottom which, or course, eventually sheared off.

The last rod of these to break was the "C." So, called Lyon and Healy, gave them my harp's serial number and a new rod was swiftly winging its way to me. The people at Lyon and Healy were helpful and happy to be of service.

Changing a rod is a two person job. I enlisted Dad. He has done this before. Harp Dads are awesome and we never stop needing them.

Here is my baby "Caroline" all tied to chairs. Base is off and we have a shop lamp set up so we can see the pedal rod fittings at the top. Adequate light is of utmost importance when doing stuff like this.

Feline assistance always shows up. Misty the cat is wanting to "help."

A view of the harp looking up the inside of the soundboard from underneath. Harps are cool from all angles.

It always seems to be tricky to get the base back on my harp. The pedals will not stay on the white slot felts. So, we used Gorilla Tape to hold them in place until we got the base back on.

The harp is all happy now and so am I!

Back to practicing and being creative.

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