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Avocado and Turmeric, plus a Dulcimer Case.

Squash Blossom here, I hope you all will be hearing more from me in the future!

I have ventured into the world of dying fabric with natural stuff. I saved the pit and peel of an avocado, let it dry then chopped it up. Boiled in water with a little Alum and a got a lovely pale pink.

You can see the pink against the white of the teapot underneath. I am using plain old white cotton muslin.

Next, I used the turmeric. This one was super easy, of course it stained the cloth a wonderful golden yellow.

The pictures were taken in natural light. They do not do the colors justice. I wonder what I will make out of this wonderful fabric? I really do not know how to sew, but I visualize some summer tops. I have two yards of each fabric.

Another project I want to share is my Dulcimer case. I used cuttings from the catalogs of a Swedish designer I like. I Modge Podged them all over the case. Turned out colorful and fun!

It is fun turning ordinary things into something wonderful!

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