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Kimberly Houser is a multitalented harpist and composer.   She holds Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees from the University of Arizona.  Kimberly has performed as a classical soloist, a chamber musician, composer, as a member of different orchestras, and as a creative jazz performer.  Kimberly offers a variety of professional music services, including performances, lessons, meditative and healing music sessions, and composing and arranging services. See the boxes below for more information.  Contact Kimberly directly to inquire about her availability for performances at

Lessons for Harp Mastery

Do you want to take your harp skills to the next level? Do you have that dream piece that you have always wanted to learn? Or, perhaps you want to unlock your own creativity in the world of composition and improvisation?  If any of these are desires of yours, I am available to help you get there.  I offer lessons both in person and is digital formats.  


I publish my compositions with Happy String Music, a music publisher dedicated to educational and new music for the harp, as well as reworking old editions into a format that is easier to read.  Here is the web address for  this amazing publisher

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