November 30, 2019

Hello,  This is weeks curated list of book stack favorites. 

  1. Magical Herbalism by Scott Cunningham.  Cunningham’s books have been a large part of my...

November 24, 2019

In My Bookstack
Sharing the books that spark my creative mind

Every month or so I collect a pile of books from our ever increasing book collection and place...

September 20, 2019

It has been awhile since I have worked on my website.  I hope, dear readers that you have patience with me as I grow and develop my sense of what I want to...

January 5, 2019

I have been following blogs through Bloglovin'  and it is a super app.  I am hoping to connect this site to its blogging capabilities.  

<a hr...

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!  Wasn't 2018 a hoot?  Mine was full of change on all levels.  Why, getting married and moving is enough for anyone!  


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